Wasps infestations can become a problem when they enters our living spaces. Wasps stings are painful, however unlike bees wasps can sting multiple times. Removing a wasps nest can be dangerous for anyone who hasn't been trained, as there is a high risk of being injured. Wasps stings is a frightening experience for especially children and can be life threatening for anyone allergic to wasps stings. When you see a high number of wasps around, it is most likely that there is a wasps nest in the area. Effective wasps control, needs one to identify where the wasps nest is located. Wasps typically build their nests outdoors under eaves and overhangs. If they can gain regular access to your home, nests might also be found in roof spaces and cavity walls. DPEST technicians will effectively treat wasps infestations, remove the nest to ensure the safety for your family and pets.