Dpest Pest Control Services In Cape town

At DPest Pest Control Services, we provide child, pet and eco-friendly pest control and fumigation services for common pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, fleas, bird lice, ticks, houseflies, wasp and rodent control (i.e., rats, mice and roof rats) in and around Cape Town, Western Cape. We also provide free quotes, tailor made for pest control methods of bird proofing and bird nest removal and Beehive relocation and Beehive removal that will suit your needs and budget!

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  • Free Quotations
  • We go above and beyond to protect your family and pets
  • Odorless, no stain, no need to leave your home or business
  • Registered pest control technicians
  • Eco friendly pest control service
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Here at DPest Pest Control Cape Town, we strive to provide outstanding eco-friendly pest control solutions and fumigation services for our clients in and around Cape Town, Western Cape area which includes West Coast area, The Cape Winelands District, Helderberg and Boland areas. With our same day pest control and fumigation service, you can trust that we will schedule a convenient time to assess and/or treat your pest problem as quick and efficiently as possible.

We take a personal approach to pests as we aim to eliminate, control and eradicate any pest problem, no matter what kind of pest you require control methods with. We are always committed to protecting our client’s food, health, property and environment by using conscious and safe pest control methods. Our friendly pest control technicians and pest managers will always ensure that your home and business is well taken care of and answer any questions and concerns you might have.


Each pest control and fumigation service plan is customized to suit your pest control needs and eradicate any kind of pest. Thus, making it possible for us to offer friendly pest control methods that address your concerns in a safe manner, which will have no impact on your loved ones, homes, businesses, and the environment. Therefore, your family can rest a little easier knowing that your pest control problem will be treated with the highest quality products.

Our technicians all based in Cape Town, Western Cape are qualified pest managers and registered with the Department of Agriculture and the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA). With over 21 years of pest control experience, you are in safe hands with Dpest Pest Control Services. Not only do our pest control technicians provide quick, safe and thorough pest treatments, but they also pride themselves on giving you reliable preventative home and office pest control solutions that can eradicate a problem before it becomes sinister.

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Ants are active and can be found living and foraging in and around most properties.


Cockroaches are a common nuisance in homes and businesses. Disease, food poisoning, and allergy problems can all attribute to cockroaches.


Wasp infestations can become a problem when they come into living environments.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are a human parasite that can follow us where ever we go. Taxis, homes, offices, theaters, hotels etc.


Rats or Mice leave a noticeable stench. Rats or Mice can pose a serious health issue to your family or customers. 


Birds, such as Pigeons, often live and breed in close proximity to Humans.


Pests in a domestic home are not just an annoyance. They can cause severe structural damage and pose huge health risks to you and your family. Everyone hates pest infestation in their home and businesses especially ants, spiders, bed bugs, fleas, bird lice, ticks, houseflies, wasp and rodents (i.e., rats, mice and roof rats) and that is why we are here as pest managers to keep them away.

Pest control is best managed by calling in assistance from a registered expert such as experienced qualified pest control technicians and pest managers like us to ensure that your home and business is well protected from all kinds of pest. 

There is a wide range of eco-friendly products and control methods to make use of within our industry assisting us in making every service efficient and thus also allowing us to be all-rounders when it comes to eco-friendly pest control solutions and fumigation services.


There are also many advantages to hiring qualified and registered pest control service companies to control the different kind of pest in and around your home, office or business premises. No matter what kind of pest you are dealing with we offer pest management solutions that are specifically tailored to you, no matter the size of your business or home. 

You can rest assured that our registered pest control technicians and pest managers are trained not only to treat your pest problem but will also ensure that the job is done to the highest of standards. They will take their time to understand your concerns and provide feedback and recommendations on how to minimise pests in and around your home and business. Once we have taken the time to understand your needs and determine the best solution, our experienced team will explain the process and guide you every step of the way – so that you know exactly what to expect.

So, contact us today to book your same day service or to discuss a range of solutions suitable to protect your home and family in and around Cape Town, Western Cape, West Coast, The Cape Winelands District, Helderberg and Boland areas.