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What is Pest Control


Pest control is used to essentially remove cockroaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, fleas, bird lice, ticks, houseflies, wasp and rodents from areas of your home and business. These pests are usually considered undesirable because they invade your homes and businesses, causing damage or heightening the risk of communicating a disease or illness. Therefore, the goal of pest control is to minimize and to prevent structural or other damages caused by pests, and to reduce the risk of pests spreading their diseases to people.The kind of pest control methods used is usually the choice of the homeowner. Child, Pet and Eco-friendly humane methods are fast becoming more popular. Professional pest control services can help a great deal in preventing and controlling pests the above pest in and around your home or business.

How much does pest control usually charge?

The cost of pest control depends on the kind of pest you are dealing with as it will differ between homes and businesses. There are various factors that determine the tailor made treatments that we provide to our clients, thus making it exceedingly difficult for us to provide accurate prices for pest control treatments. The list of factors which contribute to the overall cost of treating a pest infestation are:

·The size of your property.

·The kind of pest you are dealing with.

·The size of your infestation.

·The type of treatment required. 

·The number of treatments that will be needed.


How often should pest control be done?


Pest management have always been a major concern for most home and business owners. Pest such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, fleas, bird lice, ticks, houseflies, wasp, bees, birds, rats, roof rats and mice can hamper the comfort of your home and give you sleepless nights. Having your home treated every three to six months is always good idea.  Depending on the area you live in, you might need pest controls services more often i.e., once every quarter or two to three months.  Preventive measures are always advisable to avoid further infestation and, in most instances, prevent pest problems from appearing in the first place.  

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