Mice and Rats

Rats and mice are known to leave a noticeable stench. Rats and mice can pose a serious health issue to humans. It is no secret that mice and rats carries parasites and diseases. Humans can become ill after coming into contact with its urine and feces. Rats and mice adapts easily to new environments and in areas where food are freely available. Rats and mice can become an ongoing issue and most households and commercial properties are at risk. DPEST technicians are fully trained, qualified and equipped to control rats and mice in all living spaces. Our pest control technicians will locate the source of your rat and mice challenge, causes, nesting areas and entry points. This is followed by carrying out a safe effective eco friendly pest control using the best industry rats and mice control products and methods. To achieve longterm rat and mice pest control our pest control technicians will highlight likely causes and provide you with recommendations.
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Rodent control services that are second to none

Are there gnawing noises in the loft, wall or on the roof of your home? Is your furniture chewed-up? Are your electrical wires chewed ? Did you notice rodent nests with scraps from packaging materials in your home? Do you need experts to identify rodent droppings? Choose us for effective rodent control services. We can make sure that your home is free from rodents. You can also choose us for bird control or insect control services. All you have to do is tell us your requirements now and we will get back to you with a quote.
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Why choose us for rodent control?

We provide reliable property assessment and rodent identification. We use only environmentally friendly and humane methods to control rodents. We offer complete public liability insurance and risk assessments on request.
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Rodent proofing homes and offices

We have earned an enviable reputation for providing rodent proofing services for homes and offices in Cape Town, Helderberg, Cape Winelands and Boland. We have responsible and reliable professionals to take care of your rodent control needs.
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